Low Flow Meter


Model 1618

Accurate Measurement of Oil Consumption

Provides an Indication of Engine Condition

Counter Immersed in Oil, assuring Maximum Resistance to Wear from Vibration

The Kenco 1618 Meter gives you a constant and accurate measurement of oil consumption. This meter has been used in gas and oil transmission companies for many trouble-free years of service.

The 1618 Meter provides a constant and accurate record of oil consumption:

  1. for "make-up" in the crankcase
  2. of the power cylinder lubricators
  3. of the compressor cylinder lubricators

The Kenco Oil Meter is a positive displacement meter, which has no minimum flow requirement. The meter registers to 9999.99 gallons.

Maximum designed inlet pressure is 50 PSI and maximum flow of 5 gallons per hour The meter is factory tested for accuracy of 0.75%.


Installation Instructions:

For gravity flow, the minimum recommended static head is 12' above the Oil Controller. To insure sufficient oil flow, the minimum recommended piping to the meter is 1" pipe. In many instances due to oil viscosity or temperature, it is desirable or essential to preheat oil before it enters the meter.