• Electronic No-Flow Monitors
    KENCO Engineering - Electronic No-Flow Monitor



    The Kenco solid state Electronic No-Flow Monitor is designed to provide protection against compressor and engine failure. The device monitors lubricant flow from the lube oil supply to the different lubrication points at the divider block. The monitor, which is wired to a proximity switch, senses an electronic pulse, which is an indication of one complete cycle of the lubrication system. An LED (light emitting diode) will pulse every time the lubrication system cycles. The adjustable shutdown timer will send a signal to sound an alarm or shut down the system if the monitor does not receive a pulse within the allotted time (adjustable between 30 seconds and 2 minutes). Best of all, the Electronic No-Flow Monitor can be mounted anywhere (not just on the divider block). The solid state design contains 3 field replaceable lithium batteries with a battery life of 3-5 years.


    • Solid state protection for mechanical lubrication systems
    • Easy to install and operate-No programming necessary
    • LED cycle indicator
    • Failsafe shutdown protection for normally open or normally closed loops
    • N-F-M requires no external power-lithium battery assembly is field replaceable
    • N-F-M Housing is CSA approved Explosion Proof for Cl. 1. Div. 1 Groups B, C, D; Cl. II, Groups E, F, G; Class III Type 4
    • Electronics module can be remotely mounted at the panel board or any other safe location so that the signal can be monitored quickly and easily, with no danger to operator
    • Electronics module is not subject to the heat and vibration of the divider block
    • Standard output can be wired for remote totalization and/or monitoring back to a PLC
    • Shutdown timer can be adjusted while unit is in service 30 seconds to two minutes
    • N-F-M is not affected by oil viscosity or temperature
    • Full 2 year warranty
    • Options include programmable LCD totalizer for Cycle count Total Pints, Gallons, Liters, etc./Pints per day, liters per day, etc.


    • Precision machined, aluminum casting
    • 1/2 NPT conduit feed-through hubs, offset for maximum clearance & capacity
    • Internal and external ground screws and tamper resistant cover set screw for extra safety
    • Glass cover with a 2 5/8 diameter for easy reading
    • Buna-N rubber gasket for NEMA 4 watertight applications
    • Corrosion resistant blue epoxy coating.
    • MTG lugs with 5/16 holes
    • CSA approved Class I, groups B,C,D; Class II, groups E,F,G; Class III, type 4
    • FM approved Instrument Housing, FM Standard 3615
    • External boss to tap optional drain



    Terminal 7.........................Aux. Out (-)
    Terminal 6.........................Aux Out (+)
    Terminal 5...Input (-) Proximity Switch
    Terminal 4...Input (+) Proximity Switch
    Terminal 3.........................N.O. Output
    Terminal 2.........................N.C. Output
    Terminal 1.........................Common (-)

    • Terminal 7 ­ This terminal is the common ground connection for the Auxiliary Output Pulse.
    • Terminal 6 ­ This is the (+) side of the Auxiliary Output Pulse. This pulse follows the input pulse.
    • Terminal 5 ­ This is the common ground for the Proximity Switch Input.
    • Terminal 4 ­ This terminal is for the (+) connection for the Proximity Switch Input. If the circuit does not receive a switch closure on this terminal within the timer cycle, an alarm condition will occur.
    • Terminal 3 ­ This is the Normally Open connection for the alarm output. If the unit goes into an alarm condition this connection will short to ground.
    • Terminal 2 ­ This is the Normally Closed connection for the alarm output. This connection will be shorted to ground until there is an alarm condition, then it will open.
    • Terminal 1 ­ This is the Common Ground connection for the alarm outputs.
    • J2 - This is the pulse indicator that will illuminate the low current LED each time the proximity switch receives a pulse from the divider block.


    • Output Current ­ 100mA @ 30 VDC
    • Battery Type ­ AA Type 3.6V lithium 2500mA hours
    • Battery Life ­ 3 years +
    • Operating Temperature: -40šF to 158šF
    • Output Type: Open collector field effect transistor
    • Maximum Input Frequency: 1 KHZ
    • Timer Accuracy +/- 5% of total time


    Specifications Character Height: 0.43 Case Material: Cycolac X-17 Mounting: Panel Mount (mounting clips & gasket provided) Connections: Screw Terminals Operating Temp: -4šF to 158šF. Internal Battery: User replaceable 3V lithium battery Battery Life: 5 years + Front Panel Design: NEMA 4x when mounted with gasket provided

    Rate Indicator Type: 8 digit LCD Scale Factor Range: .001 to 9999. Method of Calculation: 1/Tau Accuracy: +/-0.2%. Update Time: .7 seconds Digits: 4/5 (4 calculated, 5 displayed with fixed 0 in at least significant digit)

    Applications Cycle counter Totalize in any unit of measure Programmable for rate as in pints per day, liters per day, etc.