Kenco Engineering - 5700 5700 SERIES GAUGE

The 5700 Series Gauge provides a visual means for checking the contents of a bulk tank and a means for checking the injection rate when pumping directly from the tank.

The injection rate is checked by closing a valve between the gauge and tank and observing the level change in the gauge tube for one minute. If higher pump rate is required, the test period can be shortened. The gauge tube is shrouded by a zinc plated carbon steel frame or 304 stainless steel frame. The sight tube is 780 Borosilicate glass and a wide option of elastomers are available.

The gauge is fitted with " MNPT x 3/8" FNPT top and bottom connections. The standard length for this gauge is 4 ft.; however, special lengths are available in either carbon steel or 304 stainless steel. Standard delivery for special length gauge is 10 days after receipt of order.



The 17000 Gauge functions as a level indicator and also serves as a pump setting gauge. The rate scale can be calibrated in a variety of options, such as GPM, GPH, GPD, LPM, LPH, or LPD. The maximum pump rate for a 12" gauge section is 25 GPD. The sight tube in the 17000 is 1" O.D. high pressure glass. This makes it ideal for viscous fluids. Because the I.D. of the glass varies, gauges with rate scales must be individually calibrated. The top and bottom connection for this gauge is 1" MNPT.


The 7000 Injection Rate Gauge is of the same construction as the Model 5700 series gauge but is provided with a spring-loaded test value similar to the valve supplied on the 779 Drum Gauge. The test valve has a " coupler welded to the side for mounting the 5700 Gauge to the valve. The test valve is available in either zinc plated carbon steel or 302/304 stainless steel.

CUSTOM SCALES Kenco can provide custom scales to meet your needs. The Polycarbonate custom scales are usually engraved and paint-filled. If you are needing scales indicating tank volume or other scale calibrations, please consult the factory.


Model 5700 Drawing

NOTE: Dimensions above represent gauges with carbon steel/stainless steel wetted parts. Only. Gauges with PVC wetted parts are constructed differently and have different length subtracters. Consult factory for additional information.